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Why FMB?

We are invested in your industry, speak persuasively to your target audience, simplify complicated concepts, understand the importance of differentiation, have a track record of success and create memorable selling messages.

FMB pays great dividends to our financial institution clients. We’ll do the same for you.

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Experience & Expertise

For almost three decades we have successfully worked with financial institutions during economic booms and times of struggle. FMB has adapted to the changing landscape of financial services’ marketing by working to meet the needs of a target audience that constantly demands ‘newer,’ ‘faster’ and ‘more convenient.’

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Stories Sell

Stories are engaging and memorable. Differentiating financial institutions can be difficult. Loans, savings, investments, quality, your target audience everything sounds the same. Creating an emotional link between you and potential customers/members or current customers/members increases business. Why? Your target audience moves into the starring role of your messages. The reality of marketing today is that no one wants a lecture but they do love a good story.

If you’re touting a low loan rate, put your audience in the narrative and let them see how this limited time opportunity can solve their problem or satisfy their desires. Remember, your message should be less about you and more about those who can benefit from your services.

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Keeping It Simple

Own something. A word. A service. An emotion. Find your niche and immerse every message in that which you do exceptionally well.

What’s your strongest selling point? Are you consistently putting that message in front of your audience.

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We Take Humor Seriously

If you ask someone to name their favorite Super Bowl commercials most likely they’ll migrate toward those that made them laugh. Years after a well-crafted, humorous spot airs it resonates in the mind of a viewer.

Humor, used tastefully and artfully, makes an indelible impression. Is humor right for your institution? Is being light-hearted ideal to sell certain services?

Humor, used wisely, can bring serious business to an industry that can seem cold and distant. Draw your target audience closer. Make them laugh. Make your message memorable.